Getting Started

How can I open a FedEx Ground or FedEx Express account online?
The process for opening both FedEx Ground and FedEx Express accounts online is an easy one. The account can be set up within minutes just by answering a few simple questions.
Why is it necessary for me to have an account?   
Creating an online account with FedEx is certainly a good idea if you plan to have frequent shipments. By taking advantage of FedEx Ship Manager®,   you can hasten and simplify your shipping procedure. Moreover, an account also entitles you to enjoy up to 16% savings while using U.S. and international services from   FedEx Express®. Similarly, while using FedEx Home Delivery® and FedEx Ground® services, your savings can be up to 8%. 
If you don’t ship regularly, you don’t need to have an account number with FedEx for the purpose of creating a shipping label. However, without an account, you will have to undergo a credit card authorization step for each of your shipments.
Is there any fee to be paid while opening a FedEx account? 
You can have your FedEx account number without paying any fee whatsoever.
However, please note that you are required to provide your credit card details so that we can tie your billing information to the FedEx account. There will be a temporary hold amounting to $10 for each of the FedEx accounts opened by you. This is done for your billing information verification, and is removed within no more than seven business days. 

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