How to troubleshoot my questions related to general programming?
First of all, please download the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ related to the UPS Developer Kit. This will provide answers to most of your common questions, organized by category and API.  You also have the option of seeking suggestions and opinions from other integrators that you will come across at the UPS Developer Kit Community.
What is the process for the completion of the End of Day in WorldShip?
Visit the homepage of the UPS website and select the button for End of Day. You will receive a prompt from the processing window to state whether you would like to close shipping for the day and forward information related to the same to UPS.  By selecting the option ‘Yes,’ you will be able to electronically forward all relevant shipment information. Your End of Day reports can also be printed here.
While sending the shipments, provide your driver the printed High Value Report and the Pickup Summary Barcode Report. Also, for the sake of your records, it is advisable that you maintain the Daily Shipment Detail Report.                                   

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