Billing & Payment

What is the procedure for my team to arrange additional services such as Air Freight or LTL Freight?
First of all, the team will have to create a shipping account with UPS so that they can be invoiced. While creating this account, you must specify the shipping type that you want to do. After receiving the account number, your next step is to get enrolled in the Billing Center of UPS. While doing this, don’t forget to click the window for enrolment and choose ‘Freight’ as the option. In order to ensure further integration of freight shipments with end-to-end services, you may use Quantum View Manage® or UPS CampusShip® services in tandem with Billing.
Is there any difference between my Billing/Shipping account and the UPS User ID?
Each registered user at is able to print labels, store and manage their address books, and request notifications related to tracking. Based on their level of requirement, these users can enhance the functionality of their account by creating a UPS Account that allows billing. The users receive an account number after the approval of their account. After that, they can get themselves enrolled into the UPS Billing Center for Freight, Small Packages, or Supply Chain Solutions. Do not forget to update your UPS profile by adding the account details. You may also ensure quick access to tracking, shipping, and billing capabilities by customizing the dashboard of your account with widgets. 

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