Receiving the Shipment

How to find out the time of receiving a package?
You can find out the day of your package’s arrival simply by entering the tracking number in the company’s tracking tool. In general, most of the orders are delivered by the drivers between nine in the morning and seven in the evening. You may also receive text or email notifications by selecting the option “Request Status Updates” in their website’s Tracking section.
According to available tracking details, my package was left by the UPS team at my address. However, I am not able to find it. How can I find it?
In order to ensure safety, the UPS drivers always try to leave the packages in a concealed state. Therefore, you may have to carry out a bit of investigation to find your package. Carefully check your exterior doors or any other place where it can be placed. If you still find it difficult to locate the package, please contact the sender of the package to initiate an investigation process.
What can be done in case of a delayed package?
In case of situations such as delays caused by customs, the UPS tracking system will display your case as an ‘exception.’ Such circumstances may require your package delivery to be rescheduled.  Information related to the movement of the package will be captures as and when the tracking label of the package gets scanned in the delivery system of UPS. In case of international or cross-country shipments, several days may pass between two such scans. 

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