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Where should I look for a list of all UPS services?
The service offerings from UPS include day-definite as well as time-definite delivery for your international, domestic, or freight shipping. Please visit the company’s online service guide to find out the service you are looking for.
How can I inform UPS that I wish not to be contacted via phone?
UPS may get in touch with their clients and other parties via telephone from time to time, to let them know about the company’s services, products, and special offers. You may contact 1-8000-PICK-UPS®         with a request to add you in the company’s “DO NOT CALL” list. Once you provide your name, telephone number, and address, it may take up to a month for the name to be taken off all communication and sales programs run by UPS. However, you will continue to receive calls related to services, billing, etc.
What is the shipping expense for a package?
The cost for shipping a package depends on its destination, origin, weight, preferred service, and several other considerations.  It is possible to compare the published rates and delivery times while sending shipments via UPS to different part of the world by visiting the website’s “Calculate Time and Cost” section.  

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