Popular Questions

What is the shipping cost for my package?
The cost for shipping a package depends on its destination, origin, weight, preferred service, and several other considerations.  It is possible to compare the published rates and delivery times while sending shipments via UPS to different part of the world by visiting the website’s “Calculate Time and Cost” section.  
How does UPS Tracking Number help track my shipment?
Tracking numbers are assigned automatically to all UPS shipments. To track your shipment, please visit the homepage of the company’s website for your country and enter the tracking number in the appropriate window. If required, multiple tracking numbers can also be entered.  By doing this, you should be able to find out the date of shipping, the package’s present location, and the estimated date of arrival. Once the shipment is received, you can also verify its arrival. The users of UPS CampusShip®, WorldShip®, UPS My Choice®, and Quantum View Manage® services will also be able to set their preferences to receive text or email notifications. 

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