USPS® Online Job Application System - Searching and Applying for Jobs


Searching for Jobs

  • Quick Tips

    • Searches are not case sensitive.

    • Use Location (State Name) for searches

    • If you are looking for a particular city, enter the city name as a Full Text Search Keyword.

    • Do not use the City; and or ZIP Code™ fields.

    • For the broadest selection of jobs, do not use Functional Area.  (If you are interested in a particular position, it may be listed in an unexpected Functional Area.)

  • Smart Search
    There are several tips that will help you with an effective search: 

    • Your search will only yield 30 random results.  Anytime you see: “Search Result: 30 hits” appear, you probably are not seeing all job listings. 

    • There is no way to see results 31 - 999 by repeating the search.  You must refine your search.

    • Use the “Reset” button before every search.  If you do not use the “Reset” button, criteria from a prior search may affect the outcome of your search. 

    • Don’t choose too many criteria.  It is better to do multiple searches than to try to include all the criteria in one search. 

    • In Full Text Search:

    • Do not use quotes ( “or ‘ )

    • Do not use the words ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘not’

  • How can I narrow my search within the online application system search function?
    The search function allows you to enter detailed search criteria and produces refined search results.  It is important to enter at least one data element to search.  If you have a Candidate Profile, you can also save search queries to run that specific search again.

  • Advertisements for Postal Jobs
    There was an ad on the internet for Postal Jobs – the ad provided a guarantee of postal employment for applicants who respond to the advertised service (i.e., follow the steps described), but they charge a fee.  Is this legitimate?
    The US Postal Service does® not charge for employment information.  Job vacancy information may be found at or click on “Careers” at the bottom of the home page.

    • If you have concerns about a company’s advertisement for employment services, contact:  Federal Trade Commission:  1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357) or on the Internet at  From the FTC website select “Consumer Complaint” and then “Complaint Assistant”.  The website will gather the needed information and FTC will analyze the complaint for any similarity and needed further action.

    • US Postal Inspection Service: Local office listed in the blue (Government) pages of the local telephone directory.

    • Your state attorney general or local Better Business Bureau.


Quick Tips for Applying for a USPS® Job

You may review job opportunities and apply for jobs whether or not you have your

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