USPS® Online Job Application System - USPS Selection Process


  • Where can I find vacancy announcements?
    Vacancy announcements are found in two ways within the online application system:

    • If you have created a Candidate Profile, log into the system; select "Job Opportunities" and then select "Job Search. "Enter search criteria to find a job that fits your interests.

    • If you have not created a Candidate Profile, simply click on "Search for Jobs Online."


  • How do I list the position I am applying for on my Candidate Profile?
    You cannot enter the title of a position on the Candidate Profile and submit a Candidate Profile for a vacancy. You must:

    • Search for the vacancy

    • Locate the job listing

    • Click the blue, underlined job title to display the job listing onscreen

    • Click the "Apply" button at the top of the screen

The Application for the position will appear, populated with the information already in your Candidate Profile. You must then complete the remaining tabs and press "Send Application."

  • Can I just attach my résumé and not complete the tabs on the application?
    No. Please include the information from your résumé in the corresponding sections provided in the Candidate Profile. Some of the information in the application or Candidate Profile is required. You cannot submit your application without completing required fields. In addition, we cannot guarantee that reviewers will view attached documents that are not specifically requested in the posting. Therefore, additional pages should not be attached unless specifically requested. Attach only documentation specifically requested on the job posting.

  • How does the recruiting and application process work at USPS®?
    If you have found a career opportunity that interests you at USPS, we encourage you to apply. Applications are accepted via the online application system. Once your application is received, it will be carefully reviewed by the appropriate parties.
    It is important to review all training information on this site before creating your candidate profile and applying for jobs.

  • When will I be contacted about the job?
    Due to the different steps in the application and selection process for various jobs, it is difficult to give you an exact period of time. You may be contacted immediately about scheduling an assessment, or there may be questions about your application after you submit it. Applicants are advised to monitor their email closely for communications from USPS regarding the application process.

  • I was not selected for a job. Can I apply right away for another job?

  • Will you keep my application on file for other positions?
    Your Candidate Profile is available for you to use to apply for other opportunities, and will supply much of the application information when you next apply for a position. However, you must actively search for job vacancy postings and specifically apply to the other jobs in which you are interested.

  • Who do I contact for questions regarding the hiring process?
    You will be contacted after you submit your application. It is not possible for us to answer quest

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