USPSĀ® Online Job Application System - Assessment and Examination


The Assessment Process

  • I submitted an application for a job that requires an assessment, but did not receive an assessment invitation e-mail.  Why not? 

Not everyone who submits an application will be invited to take the assessment.  Each job posting has a predetermined maximum number of applicants who can be tested.  If that maximum limit has been reached, you will not be invited to take the assessment.

The posting will state whether or not the maximum has been reached, and whether or not examining is still being conducted for that posting.  After you submit your application, an onscreen message will appear letting you know whether or not you will be invited to the assessment.  If you are invited, watch your email box for an assessment invitation. 

If you are not invited to the assessment, you might still be invited later or you might be invited when you apply to a different job posting.  Read instructions carefully and watch your email for additional information. 

Notice that special exceptions may be made for Veterans. 

  • I am applying for a job (e.g., City Carrier, Rural Carrier) that requires Exam 473.  I was told I have 7 days to complete the assessment process.  What are the steps in this process that must be completed?

o   The first step involves establishing your assessment account and providing some basic, voluntary information about you. An email invitation will be sent to the email address you provided. Follow the instructions in that and later emails to complete the first and second steps.

o   The second step involves completing an online assessment (you are allowed a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the assessment).

o   Applicants who successfully complete the online assessment are invited to schedule themselves to complete the last step in the process, a proctored assessment. The proctored assessment will take approximately 90 minutes and must be completed at an approved location by trained personnel.

  • I am applying for a job (e.g., City Carrier, Rural Carrier) that requires Exam 473.  I was told I have to start the non-proctored assessment within 3 days. What is for some reason I am unable to start the non-proctored assessment within the specified time frame?
  • If at any time you need assistance or special consideration with scheduling your assessment, submit your request to the technical support e-mail address provided in the messages you received related to the assessment process.
  • If you are not able to begin the non-proctored assessment within the time allowed for this specific vacancy, then you will be removed from consideration for that particular job application. However, you will not be prevented from applying for another job opportunity to restart the process. You may apply for other job opportunities and complete the required assessment for the next job for which you apply                                                          
  • What is the difference between a "proctored assessment" and an "un-proct

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