What is the Function of a Consumer & Industry Contact (formerly Consumer Affairs) Office?


Within each Postal District, the Consumer and Industry Contact (C&IC) offices, are equipped to work with postal customers needing assistance with concerns that could not be resolved with the local Post Office™ and complicated issues requiring additional time and research.

These are some of the tasks the C&IC office does on a "District" or local level:

  • Manages the implementation of programs and policies for all customer interaction and support covering individual consumers, small businesses, large corporations and commercial mailers within a District
  • Provides information and assistance for postal products and services.
  • Oversees the resolution of customer issues and congressional inquiries; and promotes a proactive relationship that builds and improves customer retention 
  • Serves as the Postal Service spokesperson for individual postal customers and coordinates with field operations to assess policies, procedures and proposals for service changes and improvements.

The district C&IC Office serves as the initial point of escalation if a local Post Office cannot resolve a customer’s issue to their satisfaction.


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