A Contract Postal Unit (CPU) is a supplier owned or supplier leased site operated by the supplier, under contract to the Postal Service™ to provide Postal Services to the public. A general outline of services provided by a CPU is as follows:

  • Stamps
  • Stamped Envelopes
  • Stamped Postal Cards
  • Priority Mail Express® Service
  • Priority Mail® Service
  • First Class Mail® Service
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • Priority Mail Express International®
  • Priority Mail International
  • First-Class Mail International
  • Insured Mail
  • Certified Mail™
  • Return Receipt
  • USPS Tracking®
  • Signature Confirmation™
  • Registered Mail

Other services that may be provided are: Global Express Guaranteed Service® (GXG).

  • CPUs provide most of the same services as a Post Office™ with the exception of Money Orders.
    • Some Contract Stations sell money orders while others do not; contact the Contract Station in order to confirm availability.
  • Inquires about what services an individual CPU offers should be directed to that CPU for information.
  • Mail deposited at a CPU after the last collection of the day will be processed on the following postal business day.

The contractor must meet the following criteria set forth by the United States Postal Service®:

  • Not located at a postal facility
  • A surety bond may be required
  • Cannot charge extra for Postal products and services
  • Cannot be staffed by Postal employees
  • Cannot sell competitive services
  • Cannot sell Postal Money Orders
  • Contracts are competitive
  • Contracts are indefinite

NOTE: Each contract station has a local Postal Contracting Officer/Representative who oversees the CPU. If you are interested in starting a CPU, please contact your local Post Office or go to http://about.usps.com/doing-business/suppliers/welcome.htm (www.usps.com > About USPS Home > Doing Business With Us > Suppliers).

How do I become a Contract Postal Unit vendor?

These units provide full service retail products and services to postal customers at U.S. Postal Service prices. They are housed within a partner facility and are operated and managed by partner employees.

Retailers that participate in the Contract Postal Unit program are provided USPS branding rights and signage. A build-out that meets postal regulations is required. Partners are limited to selling only USPS products and services. Contract Postal Unit partners are compensated based on performance. Operating a Contract Postal Unit increases foot traffic and provides additional customer convenience. Consider becoming a USPS Contract Postal Unit partner today! Email us at AlternateAccess@usps.gov for more information.




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