A Post Office™ will cash the following:

  • Domestic Postal money orders - regardless of the issue date.
  • Replacement money orders.
  • International Postal money orders issued by countries listed in the International Mail Manual (IMM) part 371.
    • This indicates a reciprocal aggreement with the U.S. Postal Service.


  • The IMM can be found online in the Postal Explorer, or go to: www.usps.com, follow the link "Other USPS Sites" on the lower right-hand side of the page and then click "Postal Explorer" to get to the International Mail Manual (IMM).
  • United States government, military, and Canadian Postal money orders (if the payee resides within the United States and the amount is imprinted in United States currency) may also be cashed at a Post Office.
  • Personal checks and government checks (i.e. Social Security) cannot be cashed at the Post Office.


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