What are the various types of Post Offices™?

Post Office Types

  • What is a Community Post Office?

    A Community Post Office is a contract unit that provides service in small communities where an independent Post Office has been discontinued. A Community Post Office bears its community's name and ZIP Code.

  • What is a Mobile Post Office?

    A United States Postal Service® van visits communities where customers have difficulty getting to a Post Office (for example, retirement homes). These vans offer many retail services and are staffed by Postal employees.

  • What is the difference between a Post Office and a Station?

    A station is a unit of a main Post Office located within the corporate limits of the city or town. Letter carriers operate out of this facility. Most products and services are offered through the retail counter. A Post Office facility will be administered by a postmaster while a station is managed by a station manager.

  • What is Post Office Express?

    This service has been discontinued. Historically, these Postal facilities were typically located in supermarkets or grocery stores, and they offered a way to purchase United States Postal Service® products and services.

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