How do I Receive Approval to Use the USPS® Logo?

Do I Need to Fill Out Any Applications to Gain Approval of USPS® Logo Use?

If the logo is to be posted in a publication, a Publishing Program Application must be completed.

If the logo is to be used on a website, there is a different application. The completion of a Logo Use Application would be necessary in such an instance. There is also a one page USPS Logo Licensing Intro Sheet that contains further details.

In addition, the USPS will review the customer's website, and if appropriate, provide the logo for usage in accordance with the guidelines and the license grant contained in the Terms and Conditions of Use for Internet Shipping Application Program Interfaces (APIs). If the web page is not available over the Internet, customers should provide a screen shot of the page where the logo will reside.

How to Apply

The United States Postal Service® Logo Licensing Program reviews requests for all use of the USPS® Corporate Signature (logo), Priority Mail Express™ service Logo, Priority Mail® service Logo, and other Postal Service™ trademarks.

Customers should fill out the Logo Use Application in its entirety ( ). The application requests information on and plans for the intended logo use. Completion and submission of the application does not guarantee that it will be approved.

Where Do I Send the Completed USPS® Logo Use Application?

Completed applications should be sent to:

WASHINGTON, DC 20260-0801

Fax: 202-268-3189

Does USPS® Charge a Fee for Use of Its Logo?

There is no fee for use of a logo through the Logo Licensing Program.

If My Request to Use the USPS® Logo Is Approved, What Happens Next?

  • If the request is approved, customers will receive a licensing agreement stating the parameters of the approval for logo use. This agreement will need to be signed and returned to the USPS Licensing Group.
  • Once the agreement has been signed, customers will receive details via email on the graphic approval process, along with the logo and guidelines for its use. As a USPS Logo Licensee, the customer is required to send a layout of their intended logo use to USPS Design/Brand Equity for graphic approval.
  • Authorization to use the logo on an item requires that the customer have both a signed licensing agreement from the USPS Licensing Group and written graphic approval from USPS Design/Brand Equity.

Are Digital Copies of the USPS® Logo Available For Use?

Digital copies of United States Postal Service® corporate trademarks/logos are available through the Postal Service™, Public Policy and Communications Department, Washington, D.C. Customers can request the USPS® corporate logo and/or product-specific logos by emailing: Requests will be responded to via email within 10 days.

Does USPS® Charge a Fee for Using Digital Copies of Its Logo?

There will be a fee involved, but the exact amount will not be known until it is determined how the logo is to be used.


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