Supplier Registration is a system which allows suppliers to provide information to United States Postal Service® professional buyers and Government credit card holders on the products and service they provide. It is available at

  • By registering, suppliers will gain visibility within the United States Postal Service®. Buyers will use this system to search for sources of various commodities and services. If a supplier is found in the system, buyers will be able to contact potential suppliers directly. Suppliers will be able to “advertise” their products in the USPS® Supplier Registration system free of cost. Also, the Postal Service™ will be able to collect supplier demographic information.

  • The registration process takes about 20-30 minutes.

  • Suppliers will be allowed to proceed only if they complete the mandatory fields.

  • Suppliers must complete the registration process in one session. The information will be saved only after all the information has been entered and submitted.

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