How Can Suppliers Find Out About Business Opportunities with USPS®?

How can suppliers find out about opportunities to do business with the United States Postal Service?

Besides the traditional sources of information (e.g., postings in public access areas of postal facilities, local and national newspapers, trade journals), there is wealth of opportunities accessible through the Internet.

In particular, the Postal Service furnishes Internet-based tools to aid suppliers. Business opportunities are routinely announced in FedBizOpps.

How will I communicate with the USPS? Do I need a valid email address?

All correspondence related to your Innovation submission will be via email. Please ensure that your email address is correct, and your email program allows you to receive emails from (if you have an email filtering program in place).

What is UNSPSC?

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) provides an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient and accurate codes used to classify products and services. Suppliers can get the codes from

What is NAICS?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS pronounced “nakes“) is a unique, all-new system for classifying types of business establishments. Replaced the old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system, it is the industry classification system used by the statistical agencies of the United States. It is the first economic classification system to be constructed based on a single economic concept. A complete list of NAICS hierarchy including codes and titles is located online (NAICS) you can also access a code list containing only the 6-digit NAICS codes.

Does the Small Business Administration‘s (SBA) Size Standards Apply to the Postal Service®?

Yes, the Postal Service refers suppliers to SBA's size standards to define whether a business entity is small.  Size standards have been established for types of economic activity, or industry, generally under the NAICS.

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