What is the USPS® Supplier Diversity Program and How Does It Work?

Is There a USPS® Website That Contains General Information on Doing Business?

Yes, the U.S. Postal Service™ website is:

What is USPS’s® Commitment to Supplier Diversity?

Supplier Diversity is a series of proactive business processes we use to provide suppliers with access to purchasing and business opportunities.  We strive to establish and maintain a strong, competitive supplier base that reflects the American supplier community. Supplier Diversity identifies those firms requiring attention to assure opportunities for their participation as potential suppliers of goods and services to the United States Postal Service®. The Supplier Diversity Corporate Plan developed to ensure a continued focus on improving our supplier relationships may be viewed at: http://www.usps.com/purchasing/_pdf/corp_plan_2007-2final.pdf . Further information can be found at http://www.usps.com/suppliers/diversity/welcome.htm.

Why is Supplier Diversity Important to the USPS®?

The USPS recognizes the value of cultivating a diverse supplier base. The Postal Service™, like any service provider, depends on its suppliers—they are a key resource helping the Postal Service to meet customer expectations.  We realize that our suppliers are also our customers.  Supplier Diversity, therefore, has been adopted as a core business process of the Postal Service.

Does the USPS’s® Supplier Diversity Program Address Minority- and Woman-Owned Businesses?

Yes. The Supplier Diversity program is inclusive.  Effective Supplier Diversity ensures that no suppliers are excluded from competition on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. 

In addition, so that USPS may fully realize the benefit of a supplier base that reflects the diversity of the American supplier community, we promote subcontracting with small, minority-owned, and woman-owned businesses. We encourage our suppliers to use small minority-owned and woman-owned businesses as subcontractors to the maximum extent consistent with effective contract performance.

What Services Does the Supplier Diversity Program Offer to Potential Suppliers?

Program representatives facilitate suppliers’ access to the postal marketplace by:

  • Providing lists of contacts
  • Informing them of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) procedures and other information sources
  • Assisting in scheduling capability briefings
  • Disseminating marketing literature internally to the target audience or suggesting ways to market
  • Responding to specific business concerns.

Does the USPS® Participate in the “8(a)” Program?

No, this refers to section 8(a) of the Small Business Act, which authorizes Federal agencies to contract for goods and services within a limited competitive environment among defined groups of suppliers to assure their participation in procurement.  The USPS is not subject to the Small Business Act and does not participate in the 8(a) program.

Does the USPS Have a Set-Aside Program?

No.  We do not limit competition. Our policy is to secure "adequate" competition for our buys. Our goal is to do business with "the best," and we encourage active competition among a wide range of firms.

How Can Suppliers Find Out About Opportunities To Do Business?

Besides the traditional sources of information, (i.e., postings in public access areas of postal facilities, local and national newspapers, and trade journals), there is a weal

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