How Do I Initiate Contact With USPS® to Start a Business Relationship?

How can I make the Postal Service™ aware of the products or services I can provide?

One way is to register your business with the Postal Service using the new on-line supplier portal registration system on the internet How to Become a USPS Supplier ( The information you enter is secure and only made available to our buyers.

Who do I contact if I want to offer my business services (contract work, offer to sell goods and services, etc.) to the U.S. Postal Service®?

If you would like to offer your business services as a contractor to the U.S. Postal Service, please see USPS Publication 131 (, which discusses the Postal Service's Unsolicited Proposal Program.

If I have an opportunity, idea, or innovation to establish an alliance or partnership with the Postal Service, what should I do?

Please visit the Postal Service's Innovations website at and submit your proposal there. Please ensure that your email address is correct, and your email program allows you to receive emails from (if you have an email filtering program in place).

How do I start a Business Relationship with the United States Postal Service (including Vendors / Suppliers)?

The United States Postal Service works with various companies who are able to meet the needs of the Postal Service and postal customers.

The Mover's Guide and the Welcome Kit are sent to postal customers who have moved. In 1995, the United States Postal Service formed a strategic alliance with Imagitas (a privately held marketing solutions firm) to provide these products free to the Postal Service or postal customers. Advertising is used to cover all government expenses and generate revenue. Please note that Imagitas, not the United States Postal Service, is the contact for these products.

If your business is interested in working with Imagitas in regards to the Mover's Guide (including the online edition) or the Welcome Kit, you can:

  • Visit the Imagitas Partnership Section at: Imagitas website (

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