What Different Types of USPS® Collection Boxes are Available?

Snorkel Collection Box

A Snorkel Collection Box is a United States Postal Service® collection box that is placed curbside and is fitted with a chute to receive mail deposited by motorists. This is also referred to as a courtesy box or motorist mail chute.

Priority Mail Express™ Collection Box

This receptacle is a specially marked white collection box for the public deposit of properly prepared and prepaid Priority Mail Express items.

Mail Chute

A mail chute is a glass-fronted tube with a mail slot on each floor of a tall building. Letters are dropped for collection through the chute into a box on the ground floor.

Lobby Drop or Wall Drop

A Lobby Drop or Wall Drop is a slot or opening where customers deposit mail.

Standard Collection Box (Blue Box)

A Standard Collection Box is a blue painted street box with the USPS® logo used by the public to deposit mail.

Local Collection Box

A Local Collection Box is a street letterbox where local mail can be deposited for local delivery.

Cluster Box (with outgoing mail deposit compartment)

A centralized unit with eight (8) or more individually locked compartments.  Mail may be deposited in a designated collection compartment at cluster boxes.


Rack collection boxes are cooperative mailing racks which may be installed in office buildings.

Residential Collection Box

A box adjacent to primarily residential addresses.

Business Area Collection Box

A box adjacent to primarily business addresses.

Arterial Collection Box

A box located on a major thoroughfare.

High Density Area Collection Box

A box located where approximately 75% of the collection points are located 1/3 of a mile apart or less.

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