What does the Address Information Request for a Process Server Look Like?

      i.        General. Disclosures must be limited to the address of the specific individual about whom information is requested, not other family members or individuals whose name may appear on the change of address form. The address of an individual may be withheld to protect the individual’s personal safety. If an individual has filed for a protective order, the address may not be disclosed except pursuant to a court order and on the advice of counsel.

     ii.        To persons serving legal process. This includes persons empowered by law, the attorney for a party on whose behalf service is to be made, or a party who is acting pro se (the term pro se means that a party is self–represented, and is not represented by an attorney). When responding, do not provide a copy of PS Form 3575, Change-of-Address Order, or PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office Box or Caller Service, to the requester. The USPS does not have a standard form for use when requesting address information. Requesters are encouraged to use the standard format in Exhibit 5-2b below. If the requester uses the standard format on its own letterhead, the standard format must be used in its entirety, and the warning statement and certification must appear immediately before the signature block. If the request lacks any of the required information or a proper signature, the custodian must return it to the requester specifying the deficiency. Requests via facsimile from process servers are acceptable. Each request must specify all of the following information:

  • A certification that the name or address is needed and will be used solely for service of legal process in connection with actual or prospective litigation.
  • A citation to the statute or regulation that empowers the requester to serve process, if the requester is anyone other than a party acting pro se or the attorney for a party for whom service will be made.
  • The names of all known parties to the litigation.
  • The court in which the case has been or will be commenced.
  • The docket or other identifying number, if one has been issued.
  • The capacity in which the individual is to be served (e.g., defendant or witness).

Note: There is no fee for this service.


Address Information Request Format - Process Server

Image of a Change of Address or Boxholder Request Template for Process Servers


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