What is the USPS® Credit Card Signature Policy?

The following policies apply when using a credit card for a USPS transaction:

  • For Visa, the signature on the back of the credit card must match the signature on the receipt.
  • For American Express, Discover Card, and MasterCard, the signature on the back of the credit card must be the same name embossed on the front of the card. It also must match the signature on the receipt.
  • Unsigned cards will NOT be accepted. If the card is unsigned, two forms of identification must be presented to the clerk, one of which should include a photo ID. The customer will then be required to sign the back of the credit card. The signatures must match. If there is a signature panel on the card, it must be signed.
  • A card with the words “see ID”, "check ID", or two signatures on the signature panel is not acceptable. The card companies consider this to be an invalid card.
  • Some credit cards are issued with the picture and signature of the customer laminated on the front of the card. The signature policy is the same for these cards. The card must be signed on the signature line on the back of the card.

Please Note:

  • Debit Cards must be signed only when they are used like credit cards in transactions (i.e. without PIN numbers).
  • Credit card signature policy is established by the credit card companies.
  • The Postal Service™ thoroughly endorses these rules as these guidelines help prevent fraud and they protect the clerks as well as the customer.

No Signature required on $25 or less

  • The Postal Service participates in the “No Signature Required Program” for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) credit cards.
  • Receipts for credit card transactions of $25 or less will print without a signature line on the USPS/Merchant copy of the receipt for these transactions.
  • Not requiring the customer to sign their receipt or having the retail associate compare signatures for transactions $25 or less will speed up transactions and reduce wait time in line. Signatures will still be required for transactions over $25 and receipts will reflect this with a line provided for signature.

Products/Services that cannot be paid using a credit card

  • COD's
  • Money Orders
  • Passport fees (only Postal Acceptance Fee (formerly Execution fee) portion - $25.00, payable to "Postmaster" - can be paid with a credit card)
  • Payment for bulk mailings
  • Trust accounts (pre-canceled stamps, permit imprints, periodicals, business reply mail, United States Postal Service Corporate Accounts (USPSCA).
  • Credit cards are not acceptable for purchases made by phone, except on the Stamps by Phone™ line.
  • Debit cards are accepted for all services, except passport fees to the State Department (debit cards may be used to pay the USPS processing fee). (Cash back allowed in $10 increments up to $50.)

Gift Cards

Some major credit card companies (like Visa and MasterCard) have begun issuing gift cards credited with a specific amount of money.  The cards are used like a debit card, with an account number and a PIN.  There are some Post Offices that are able to accept these cards and other Post Offices that are not.  If you have any inquiries as to whether or not these cards can be used, please ask the LPO where you would like to use the card.

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