How Does USPS® Ensure the Security and Integrity of Mail Containers?

United States Postal Service® facilities, including the Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers (MTESC), are following established procedures to inspect all mail transport equipment and notify the appropriate agencies as necessary:

  • In instances where there is a confirmed exposure, the equipment is decontaminated.
  • In instances where the material is unknown but suspect, Postal Service personnel treat the scene as a HAZMAT instance, isolating equipment until a determination is made of the nature of the suspect material.


Where Can I Find Information on Recent Mail Security?

The United States Postal Service® website,®, contains up to date information regarding the security of the mail. This information can be accessed through the following areas:

  • Securing the Mail (  This is the Mail Facility/Service Updates page of the special section on the United States Postal Service® website dedicated to security of the mail. Historical information on issues related to mail security, including closures and impacts resulting from anthrax contamination, can also be found here.
  • Postal Newsroom (  The latest news about USPS, including news regarding the security of the mail.


What Happens When a Mailing-Related Facility Closes?

When a Processing Plant is forced to close due to suspicious mail, mail is held on site. Postal Service™ personnel will not be allowed into the facility until cleared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or appropriate local health officials. Since each instance is unique in nature, no specific timetable for re-opening the facility can be determined in advance of the actual situation.

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