What are PC Postage® and ePostage?

PC Postage

PC Postage products and services allow customers to purchase and print postage (known as information-based indicia in this case) using a personal computer connected to the Internet and a printer. Commercial PC Postage products available from authorized vendors allow customers to set up and manage postage accounts via a secure host site, purchase postage via credit card or ACH account, and print postage on envelopes, shipping labels, or customized labels for all mail classes (except Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter).

PC Postage technology is also integrated into websites such as eBay and Stamps.com, which allows customers to purchase and print postage for particular services using a credit card.



ePostage is a new USPS® electronic postage payment option. It is used to ship Priority Mail Express™, Priority Mail®, First-Class Package Service™, Package Services (except Library Mail) and Parcel Select® Barcoded Nonpresort.

This new payment method allows USPS to receive payment from one central e-retailer account (for example: Amazon) instead of receiving payments from numerous partners or merchants of the e-retailer. This streamlines the payment process and reduces costs.


Further information on both PC Postage and ePostage is available.

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