Postage Stamps

These stamps are the most commonly used stamps and have a fixed amount of postage noted on them.  The following is a list of the most common types of postage stamps:

·      First-Class® 1-ounce mail

·      First-Class 2-ounce mail

·      Presorted First Class mail

·      Postcard 

·      Priority Mail Express™

·      Priority Mail®

·      1-cent and 3-cent stamps (commonly used to add postage to older stamps when prices change)

·      Stamped envelopes and cards

Postage stamps are sold in a number of different forms.  The most common ways to purchase postage stamps include:

1.   Booklets

2.   Sheets

3.   Coils

4.   Self-service kiosk stamp “Sheetlets”

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