What are Nondenominated Postage Stamps?

Nondenominated Postage Stamps 

Nondenominated postage stamps do not have a specific amount of postage noted on the stamp.  They have mostly been issued in the past when postage prices were scheduled to increase, but the specific prices had not yet been determined. Older nondenominational stamps may continue to be used for Domestic or International mail, unless noted otherwise. Please make sure you know the value of the older stamp and ensure that you have affixed the proper amount of postage to your mailpiece.  

Some examples of what nondenominated postage stamps look like are as follows: 

This stamp features a gold art deco-styled bird with letter in beak flying in a green background. "NONPROFIT ORG." is written along the bottom of the stamp.

2011 Art Deco Bird nondenominated, nonprofit (5-cent value) definitive stamp

The stamp features an illustration of an Amur tiger cub.

2011 Save Vanishing Species (60-cent value) semipostal stamp

The flag of the United States of America billowing in the wind with a yellow background

2007 American Flag (41-cent value) semipostal stamp

A stamp featuring an artist’s rendering of the bald eagle. The eagle’s profile is depicted in white, set against a background of varying shades of red.

2012 Spectrum Eagle (25-cent value) Presorted First-Class Mail® stamp

For a complete list of the Nondenominational stamps that have been issued and what their corresponding value is, please refer to the Nondenominated Postage page on USPS.com®.

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