Customized Postage is official U.S. postage to which you can add your own unique, special images and photos. The USPS® authorized this program to begin on May 17, 2006 for an unspecified test period. Phase IV of the authorized market test period began a year later on May 17, 2007 with the addition of First Class Mail® presort postage on a limited basis.

To create your own Customized Postage, all you need to do is upload your photo or image via your computer and the Internet, customize the image with your preferred colors and font style, and submit your order. The USPS® authorized vendor you have chosen to use will send the customized postage to you via the U.S. Mail™, providing that the image meets certain vendor guidelines.  Customized Postage is available through private vendors authorized by the U.S. Postal Service®.  It is not offered directly by USPS.  The current vendors are:

Note:  Occasionally these vendors will offer limited edition stamps, like the American Idol stamps, for a short period of time.  Customers should be advised to visit the vendor website if they wish to purchase these stamps.

Customized Postage indicia are a form of PC Postage® and are not stamps. Therefore, similar to meter mail and other forms of PC Postage, Customized Postage does not require postmarking.

You can use Customized Postage with First-Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, and Priority Mail Express™ services.  Please note that Customized Postage can only be used with Domestic mail.

Customers or stamp collectors requesting special or pictorial postmarks on Customized Postage must place the appropriate First-Class Mail® price stamp next to the Customized Postage to receive a postmark.

First-Class Presorted Mail is also allowed to use Customized Postage on a limited basis.

Listed below are some of the restrictions that apply with First-Class Presorted Mail:

  1. Providers are only authorized to sell Customized Postage in the appropriate. denominations to customers who have a permit to enter presorted mail at an acceptance unit.
  2. All mailpieces in a particular customer's mailing must be identical-weight pieces.
  3. The format of the Customized Postage label for the First-Class Mail presort price differs from those for Customized Postage at full prices in that the label is not treated with fluorescence for facing.
  4. Mailpieces bearing First-Class Mail presort Customized Postage are not eligible for value-added rebates (VARs) and may not be included in any such mailing for any purpose.

Examples of Customized Postage

The following illustrations are examples of Customized Postage showing presort postage:

Customized Postage


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