What is Community Connection?


Community Connection – A School-Community Partnership With the Postal Service™

No school – public, private, or home - can do it alone. Educators and administrators must rely upon their communities to supplement and support the resources necessary for student achievement. Toward that goal, the US Postal Service designed Community Connection – a partnership with America’s elementary educators that includes the resources of 30,000 area post offices, the nation’s most extraordinary archive of American history and culture, and specially designed curriculum enhancements.


School Days & American Ways

School Days & American Ways School Days & American Ways is a beautiful, oversized curriculum-connected classroom calendar filled with information and imagery about our country. Monthly calendar pages are designed around selected themes that are illustrated through stamps, and dovetail with primary grade curriculum standards in: political science, people and nations of the world, science, geography and economics.

To receive more information and a sample page from the 2012-13 calendar, please contact info@uspsconnection.com.

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide includes an expansive index of resources and offers valuable insight and ideas for educating through stamps. Suggestions and tips for lesson plans include cross-curricular instruction through reading, research, journaling exercises, and class activities.

School Days & American Ways calendar and companion Teacher’s Guide will ship in August. 

You can order the 2012-2013 curriculum-connected School Days & American Ways calendar kit online or by calling 1-800-STAMP-24, or print out the Order Form and mail it to us. 
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Stamp Collecting

Freedom StampOne of the world’s most popular hobbies, stamp collecting is fun and educational for all ages, and it's easy to start without a big investment. The study of stamps and postal materials is called philately, and collectors are called philatelists. Learn more about how to collect stamps, philatelic terms, and other stamp collecting resources from the United States Postal Service®.


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