How do I Use (Domestic) Registered Mail™ and Registered Mail Restricted Delivery?

What mail classes can be sent as and Extra Services combined with Registered Mail™ and Registered Mail Restricted Delivery?

  • Mail Classes
    • First-Class Mail®
    • First-Class Package Service®
    • Priority Mail® (excluding Critical Mail™)
  • Extra Services
    • Signature Confirmation™
    • Registered Mail Collect on Delivery (COD) (not available for First-Class Package Service items)
    • Insurance (included with Registered Mail; allows coverage up to $50,000; fee varies accordingly)
    • Return Receipt (Retail and Electronic)
    • USPS Tracking (included with Registered Mail)

What is the estimated delivery time for Registered Mail™?

Registered Mail items travel at the speed of the mail class with which they are purchased.  However, due to the higher level of security placed on this class, it is possible that the Registered Mail process could slow the speed at which a mailpiece travels. Registered Mail is not recommended if speed of delivery is important.


The price for Registered Mail includes a base fee (without insurance) in addition to postage, plus additional amounts for insurance if selected (insurance prices increase based on valuation.  For detailed information on prices, go to

Sending a Mailpiece Registered Mail™

  • How do I send a mailpiece as Registered Mail? 

Registered Mail must be mailed from a Post Office™ or rural carrier on a rural route or at a non-personnel rural unit. Payment methods include: cash, check, debit cards, money orders, or COD.

  • What type of packaging should I use for Registered Mail?
    • No USPS employees, including window clerks, may help you prepare or seal Registered Mail.
    • Mail must bear the complete names and delivery information of both the sender and recipient.
    • Padded, Tyvek, plastic, self-sealing or glossy-coated envelopes may not be mailed registered.
    • Must be sealed with glue, plain paper tape, or cloth tape. (Tape must absorb ink and must visibly damage the envelope or wrapper if removed).
    • The fee and postage may be paid with ordinary stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints.



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