What is the Duck Stamp for Hunting?

The Bird Hunting Stamp (also known as a "Duck Stamp") is a license (permit) in the form of a stamp allowing the purchaser to hunt migratory birds. It is:

  • Valid only for the current hunting season (check your local hunting information for details, including valid dates and legal hunting areas).
  • Many state and federal laws regulate the hunting of migratory birds.
  • Some states require additional permits for hunting birds, as well as specific species of bird, locations, etc. You should contact local authorities for additional information.
  • Sold at many (but not all) postal facilities. The Duck Stamp is also available at locations other than Postal Facilities.
  • NOT usable for postage.
  • Often purchased by collectors (including expired stamps from prior years).
  • Ninety-eight cents of every dollar from the sales of Duck Stamps goes to the purchase of wetlands.

The Migratory-Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp is required with a valid hunting license in order to hunt migratory birds and ducks.

Note: Please note that the receipt for the purchase of your Federal Duck Stamp is not legal to hunt with. You must have the actual signed Federal Duck Stamp on your person while hunting any migratory waterfowl. Even in states where electronic licensing is used, you must have a signed Federal Duck Stamp.


Who do I Contact for Further Information?


Where Can I Purchase a Duck Stamp?

Duck Stamps are sold through a few different sources:

  • They may be available through The Postal Store:
    1. Click on "Collector's Zone", the Federal Duck Stamps on the left hand menu.
    2. Important: Make sure you verify that the stamp or stamps listed are the current year, and not a stamp for prior years (purchased as a collectible).
  • Your local Post Officeâ„¢ may carry them.
  • Orders can also be placed by phone with Stamp Fulfillment Service at 1-800-STAMP24 (1-800-782-6724).

Note: The United States Postal Service carries the last three years of issued stamps.

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