General Information

  • Description: The PostalOne!® system offers a Web-based alternative to existing manual mailing processes with an electronic suite of services designed exclusively for new or existing business mailers (customers who already hold a mailing permit may continue to use the same permit number(s).)
    • Provides mailers a secure way to submit a postage statement online when sending business mail
    • Provides improved access to mailing information and job tracking
    • Links a customer's mailing information electronically with Postal Service™ acceptance, verification and payment systems, eliminating most of the paperwork
    • Provides a wealth of online information customers can use to manage their businesses more efficiently
    • Note: The Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) was a postage payment system designed to make payment for all classes of mail easier and more cost-effective for business mailers. To improve online offerings to business mailers, the Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) migrated to the PostalOne! system in 2005, where the payment functionality is referred to as a postage payment account.
  • Who Should Use PostalOne! Customers who mail large volumes of mail would benefit from the efficiencies provided by using PostalOne!


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