What is the Periodicals Ride-Along Program?

General Information

Leap directly into your customers' hands through the Ride-Along Program, one of the most creative, price-effective and high-impact marketing mediums available today. Only the United States Postal Service® offers a special low price for the inclusion of a single, high-impact advertisement, such as a product sample or multimedia CD, with major Periodical subscriptions such as magazines, newspapers and more.

Burst through the clutter and provide a unique brand experience.  Why compete for your customers' attention when you can seize it? Ride-Along advertisements provide a memorable message that can't be missed.

What Can the Program Do for You?

  • Grab your customers' attention. Your Ride-Along piece will be one of the first things your customers see as they open their mailboxes.

  • Make your message stand out. Send a product sample, a multimedia piece and much more.

  • Enhance the value of your message. Your customers will associate the high esteem they have for their Periodical subscriptions with your Ride-Along piece.

  • Get personal. Customize specific Ride-Along messages by industry or subscriber interests.

  • Pinpoint your market. The Ride-Along program allows you to target right down to the individual subscriber level.

  • Market regionally. Select specific geographic locations to reach specific customers with the appropriate message.

  • Execute extensive testing. Targeting flexibility allows you to test various market demographics and psychographics so you can perfect your advertising message.

  • Emphasize your message. Use a Ride-Along piece to reinforce your print advertising within the host Periodical.

  • Stand out and get results with the Ride-Along program.

  • The Ride-Along program makes it easy for you to achieve maximum impact for your advertising dollars.

  • Get noticed first. Postal Service™ standards allow only one Ride-Along piece at the Ride-Along price per Periodical, so your advertisement takes the front seat.

  • Add new dimension to your message. Here's your chance to turn flat print advertising into something more tangible. Include anything from multimedia CDs to catalogs to product samples.

  • Send just about anything. The options are countless, as long as the Ride-Along piece weighs less than 3.3 oz., meets Postal Service USPS Marketing Mail™ (formerly Standard Mail®) criteria and does not cover the publication title or customer name and delivery information.

  • Don't miss your chance to ride in the front seat straight to your target!

  • Currently, many of the nation's leading periodicals offer the Ride-Along program as part of their standard price card for print advertisers. To find out how you can supplement your next advertisement with a Ride-Along piece, contact the advertising representative for the publication of your choice.

Examples of Periodical Ride-Along Pieces

  • Attach a Ride-Along piece to the outside of a publication, insert it within the publication or enclose it within a polyvinyl bag that contains the Ride-Along piece and the publication.

  • Samples are a great way to encourage customer interaction with your product. Be it high-impact multimedia software, like a CD-ROM or diskette, or samples of skin care products, cosmetics, food or catalogs, you are enhancing the customers likelihood to see, try and ultimately buy your product.

The Ride-Along program is restricted to mail delivered within the United States

Additional Information and Assistance

For additional information on the Periodicals Ride-Along Program, please contact the Mailing Requirements office that serves your area. For assistance in locating a Mailing Requirements office near you, please call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-

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