How do I Receive PostalOne!® Account Information?

PostalOne! Account  Information

  • How do I get detailed PostalOne! postage payment account information?

    Log into your PostalOne! account and go to the Account Inquiry page. From there, you can get your account balance, transaction history, fee information, and more. Remember:

    • You will need your postage payment account number (CAPS five-digit account number) and password.
    • The information you request can be formatted as a report or downloaded to your system.
  • Can I have more than one PostalOne! postage payment account?

    Yes. You may have multiple postage payment accounts.

  • What does a PostalOne! postage payment account do?

    A PostalOne! postage payment account allows you to access the PostalOne! postage payment system, which is designed to make mail payment easier and reduce the price for business mailers by the following means:

    • Provides electronic alternatives to presenting checks and cash in person at individual mailing locations.
    • Eliminates the need for maintaining trust accounts at numerous mailing locations.
    • Provides consolidated reports of mailing activity by Post Office location, mailing account, and customer-defined date ranges. (Available in printed form or as an electronic file.)
  • How can I establish a new PostalOne! postage payment account and how long will it take?

    The entire process takes 10-14 days.

    1. Apply online for a PostalOne! account and provide initial postage payment account information as part of that application process.
    2. USPS® will email forms for establishing a centralized trust account or debit account as part of a welcome kit that is sent to you.
    3. After your account is established, you receive your postage payment account and PIN numbers.
    4. We will perform a "dollar test" on your trust account or initiate a successful "pre-note test' on your debit account to make sure your account is set up properly.
    5. For your security, we will verify your permit(s) and will then link your permits to your account.

PostalOne! Account – Balances and Transfers

  • How can I check the balance on my PostalOne! postage payment account?

    You may check your PostalOne! account balance online or by phone.

    • Online: Log into your account and go to the Account Inquiry page.
    • Phone: Call (toll-free) the account balance inquiry system (CABIS) at (866) 252-9168.
  • Can regular trust account balances be transferred to a PostalOne! centralized trust account?

    Yes, with one exception. When a trust account is established, the customer may elect to transfer funds in local trust accounts to the PostalOne! postage payment trust account. The exception is the USPS Corporate Account (USPSCA).

    • When USPSCA customers pay postage, the Express Mail Reporting System (EMRS) checks the customer's local USPSCA trust account for a balance and deducts postage from it until the balance is zero.
    • The system automatically offsets any additional postage against the customer's postage payment account.
  • Can regular trust account balances be transferred to a PostalOne! centralized debit account?

    No. When a centralized debit account is established, or before a designated account is linked to a debit account, the local trust accounts have to be in zero balance status. The customer may elect to use up the funds in the local trust accounts for mailings or request refunds from their local Post Office™.

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