How do I Mail Customized MarketMail® pieces?

Sending Customized MarketMail Pieces

Customized MarketMail pieces must be transported to the Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) - the facility where the mail will be sorted for delivery. You can ship them there via Priority Mail® or Priority Mail Express® services or you or your agent can take them directly to the DDU. When you plan to mail Customized MarketMail pieces, you must mail at least 200 pieces per mailing, but not all 200 pieces must be for the same DDU.

Is Return Service available for Customized MarketMail?

Return Service is not available with Customized MarketMail. However, Value-Added or Extra Services such as Address Correction service or USPS Tracking service are available with Customized MarketMail. Deliverable mail pieces will be left at the address, while mail that is undeliverable as addressed will be discarded.

Each Customized MarketMail piece must be addressed using a complete delivery address with the addressee shown in one of three formats: name, name plus "or current resident" or simply "occupant" with no name. As with any mailing, an updated and complete customer mail file is important to ensure your message reaches your desired target

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