How can I design a Customized Marketmail® piece?

What materials can I use to construct my Customized MarketMail® piece?

Customized MarketMail pieces can be constructed of virtually any material, including paper, cardstock, cardboard, foam, rubber, plastic, etc. However, Customized MarketMail pieces may not contain sharp edges that could harm our employees or customers and must be sufficiently flexible to be inserted into smaller Post Office™ boxes and mail boxes.


How is Customized MarketMail different from mailings of other die-cut mail?

Customized MarketMail service allows you to avoid enclosing non-rectangular, die-cut pieces in an envelope or box. This eliminates the expenses incurred designing a container for your message while differentiating your message and making it immediately visible.


Who can produce my Customized MarketMail piece?

The Postal Service™ does not produce Customized MarketMail (CMM) pieces. However, virtually any commercial printer capable of manufacturing die-cuts is capable of manufacturing and printing creative, high-impact CMM pieces. Check with your current printer, creative agency or mail house to see if they can have your CMM piece manufactured for you. A list of printers who have indicated they are capable of producing CMM pieces is available on the USPS website.


Are there weight and size limits for Customized MarketMail?

Yes. Customized MarketMail pieces may weigh no more than 3.3 ounces. Pieces may be from 3½ to 12 inches high and from 5 to 15 inches in length. The length is the longest dimension of the piece. Pieces can, of course, be perfectly square or round, with the same height and length. Pieces need not be uniform in thickness, but must be no less than .007 inches at the thinnest point and no more than ¾ inches at the thickest point.

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