What is Customized MarketMail®?

Design Elements

  • Materials
    • Customized MarketMail® pieces can be constructed of virtually any material, including paper, cardstock, cardboard, foam, rubber, plastic, etc.
    • Pieces may not contain sharp edges that could harm USPS® employees or customers and must be sufficiently flexible to be inserted into smaller Post Office™ boxes and mail boxes.
  • Difference from other die-cut mail
    • Customized MarketMail service allows you to avoid enclosing non-rectangular, die-cut pieces in an envelope or box. This eliminates the costs incurred designing a container for your message while differentiating your message and making it immediately visible.
  • Production
    • The Postal Service™ does not produce Customized MarketMail® (CMM) pieces.
    • Virtually any commercial printer capable of manufacturing die-cuts is capable of manufacturing and printing creative, high-impact CMM pieces. Check with your current printer, creative agency or mail house to see if they can have your CMM piece manufactured for you.
    • A list of printers who have indicated they are capable of producing CMM pieces is listed on the Customized MarketMail website (https://www.usps.com/customizedmarketmail/_pdf/cmm-prospective-manufacturers-list.pdf).
  • Size and Weight Standards
    • Weight no more than 3.3 ounces
    • 3 1/2 to 12 inches high
    • 5 to 15 inches in length; the length is the longest dimension of the mailpiece.
    • Pieces can be perfectly square or round, with the same height and length.
    • Pieces need not be uniform in thickness, but must be no less than .007 inches at the thinnest point and no more than 3/4 inches at the thickest point.


Benefits of Customized MarketMail®

Deliver a highly targeted message that differentiates your product!

  • Achieve business objectives -  Customized MarketMail service is suitable for a variety of objectives -- launching new products, announcing events, generating brand awareness or driving business to your store or website.
  • Make an impact - Dazzle your customers with never-before-seen Direct Mail creativity and help establish a strong brand identity.
  • Think outside the envelope - Provide the attention-getting power of a dimensional piece without hiding it in an envelope.
  • Overcome the clutter - Push your creative limits to deliver a marketing experience that attracts customer attention and encourages a response.
  • Shape it up - Experiment with non-rectangular, unique shapes such as circular, oblong, triangular, square... anything goes!
  • Cut it out - Design your Customized MarketMail pieces to include die-cuts, voids or holes, and benefit from the ability to mail them without an envelope.
  • Get flexible - Customized MarketMail service allows you to use a variety of flexible materials to create high-impact mail piece of non-uniform thickness.
  • Showcase your business - Shape your mailpiece to immediately demonstrate your product or service, for example cars, shoes, computers or pizza.
  • Stick around - The more unique the mail piece, the more likely consumers are to retain and share it with friends and family, thereby extending the life of your message.

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