How does Direct Mail compare to other advertising methods?

Many marketers have found that a mailing's response will be higher when it's part of an integrated campaign which also includes advertising in the print or broadcast media. The resulting "recognition factor" can work in favor of a mailing and bolster its results. If Direct Mail is your only advertising vehicle, you may want to adopt a different creative approach than when your offers are supported by other media.

It is true that, for mail, the expense per-thousand is greater than those of the print and broadcast media. However, mail's expense per response and in many cases its expense per sale is in fact the lowest of any advertising medium. Recall that, by definition, the CPM figure refers to the expense per thousand people reached. Most broadcast and print vehicles include a considerable amount of "waste circulation," bringing your message to thousands or even millions who are simply not interested in your product or service. But with mail's precision targeting, a marketer can zero in directly on the right people, and not spend funds reaching large numbers of the wrong people. With mail, you pay to contact fewer individuals, and every one of them really matters so the result is the industry's hardest-working advertising dollar

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