How do I Obtain a Merchandise Return Service Permit?

What is Merchandise Return Service?

Merchandise Return Service is an end-to-end service. You, the consumer, place an enclosed return mailing label on the item and put it in the mailstream. The Postal Service transports the parcel to the designated postal facility shown on the label, where the postage is calculated and deducted from the merchant's account. Then the Postal Service delivers, or returns, the parcel to the merchant or agent.

Merchandise Return Service items can be mailed using First-Class Mail® service, First-Class Package Service® shipments, Priority Mail® service, USPS Retail Ground™ service (formerly called “Standard Post”), and Package Services parcels. There are no worksharing responsibilities by the customer.

Obtaining a USPS Merchandise Return Permit

Merchants who want a permit to use Merchandise Return Service should take the following items to the Post Office™ in the 5 Digit ZIP Code™ that will deliver your returned merchandise:

  • A completed USPS Form 3615 (see PDF format - also available at your local Post Office)
  • Payment for the permit fee and annual accounting fee.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here

For additional information go to the Merchandise Return Service webpage on®.

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