What is Merchandise Return Service?

Merchandise Return Service is end-to-end service. The consumer places a return mailing label on the item and puts it in the mailstream. The Postal Service™ transports the parcel to the designated postal facility shown on the label where the postage is calculated and deducted from the merchant's account. Then, the Postal Service delivers the parcel to the merchant or agent.

The return mailing label (the merchandise return service label) can be distributed to customers:

  • As an enclosure with the merchandise
  • As a separate item (including when the merchant ,through the Business Customer Gateway, electronically requests the printing and delivery of the label to the end-user by USPS using the Call Tag Return Service)
  • As part of a double postcard
  • As a facsimile transmission (FAX)
  • As an electronic transmission for customer downloading and printing
  • Through one of the permit holder’s designated pickup facilities

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