What do Parcel Return Service Labels Look Like?

Label format examples

The following are Parcel Return Service (PRS) label format examples.

  1. Legend identifies the service offering.
  2. Parcel Return Services Barcode is used for sorting and manifesting.
  3. Address of the desired pick-up location of either the RDU (Return Delivery Units) or the RSCF (Return Sectional Center Facilities).
  4. Mailer Identification identifies the shipper or agent.

 Parcel Return Services (PRS) labels

 Parcel Return Services (PRS) labels


New Flexible Access Service Label

A new co-branded Parcel Return Service (PRS) label which features both U.S. Postal Service® logo and United Parcel Service (UPS) logo was recently launched. Customers who apply the co-branded label to their return packages have the option of returning the parcel with UPS or with the Postal Service™. The redesigned Flexible Access Service label, see below, includes the message, "Package may be given to UPS or USPS". Customers returning a package using the UPS Flexible Access Service have the option of sending the parcel using UPS or the Postal Service™. Customers will find that the Postal Service offers them the convenience of unparalleled access points; retail locations, mail collection boxes, their mailbox or Free Package Pickup.

 Parcel Return Services (PRS) labels

Call Tag Return Service

  • Call Tag Return Service is a return tag (label) option. Consumers shipping packages back to their retailer may receive return labels delivered by the Postal Service™.
  • This option allows permit holders to request electronically an applicable USPS® return label for their permit, to be generated and delivered by USPS to their customer (end-user). The customer using the return label can return their package without paying a fee or going to a retail postal unit for mailing.




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