How Can I use COD with Registered Mail?

Sealed domestic mail of any class bearing First-Class Mail® or Priority Mail® postage may be sent as Registered COD (Collect on Delivery) mail.

  • Such mail is handled the same as other Registered Mail.
  • The maximum amount collectible from the recipient on an individual parcel is $1,000.
  • Indemnity may be purchased up to the registry limit of $50,000 by paying the applicable registry fee for the value declared.
  • The total fees charged for registered COD service include the proper registry fee for the value declared plus the registered COD fee.
  • The mailer must declare the full value of the article being mailed, regardless of the amount to be collected from the recipient. 
  • Both the Registered Mail label and the COD form must be placed on the front of the article.
  • The registration number is used for delivery receipt and indemnity claims.

Note:  For additional information on COD, go to the "What is Collect on Delivery (COD)?" FAQ. More information on Registered Mail is available at the “What is Registered Mail?” FAQ. For more information on fees, go to and click on "Show Details" under "Collect on Delivery (COD)."

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