How do I Send a Mailpiece Using Registered Mail™ Service?

How Should Registered Mail™ Items be Packaged?

Padded, Tyvek, plastic, or glossy-coated envelopes may not be used for domestic Registered Mail. International Registered Mail can be mailed in padded envelopes.

The package should be sealed with glue, plain paper tape, or cloth tape. The tape must be able to absorb ink and must visibly damage the envelope or wrapper if removed. In addition, the mailpiece must bear the complete names and addresses of both the sender and recipient.


How do I Send My Registered Mail?

Registered Mail service items must be presented either to a retail employee at a Post Office, station, or branch, a rural carrier on their route (item and fee may be left in a rural mailbox)* or a rural carrier at a nonpersonnel rural unit.

USPS employees are not permitted to help you prepare or seal your Registered Mail.

*USPS does not assume responsibility for the article or cash until a receipt is issued. No responsibility is assumed for the change left in the box by the carrier. 

What Payment Options are Available for Registered Mail Service?

Payment methods include cash, check, debit cards, money orders, or COD. The fee and postage may be paid with ordinary stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints.


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